SAHARA Power House
SunSol Power House

Did you know that the silicon contained in only one ton of sand, 
and used in manufacturing
solar photovoltaic panels, will 
produce as much electricity as burning 500,000 tons of coal?

Solution Provider in Solar Energy Sector

SunSol Technologies USA is a next generation solar technology company dedicated to the promotion of renewable and environmentally safe solar electricity.

SunSol was established with a goal of making solar electricity economical for the customers and to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel based electricity. We are working to make solar power generated with the use of photo voltaic cells more cost effective than the electricity produced by plants using coal or petroleum based fuels.

Our founders have years of experience in the solar power sector both in the designing, manufacturing and installation of solar power systems.


All SunSol Tech employees, suppliers, and investors are important assets of SunSol and keys to its future success. SunSol treats each associate with respect, dignity and cultural awareness, and provides competitive benefits, excellent job training opportunities, profit sharing, and an ideal working environment.